Keep Your Property Secure

Pro Security provides the latest access control systems to ensure complete control over admission of personnel to secure, private locations on a 24/7 basis. Users can not just grant access from inside their home or business but also while on the go through our mobile app. Authentication mechanisms at the point of entry can be keys, intercoms, key fobs, or biometric data (facial recognition or fingerprint), depending on your preferences. We adapt our installation service to suit your home or business, taking care to provide an access control solution that covers all aspects of your premises.

Want to know more about our access control systems in Galway? Keep reading or get in touch with us to ask any questions.

Benefits of Access Control

Grant access to multiple locations with the same “key”

Simplify employee turnover (no need to ask for keys back)

Record who is accessing what, where and when

Easily change the access code without incurring large costs (key cutting)

Improve user experience for staff and visitors

Connect to existing systems such as security and energy systems to trigger events (start recording/turn on lights)

Our Access Control Systems

Access control systems have rapidly evolved over the years in line with technological advances. Along with being able to manage access control from inside the property, you can now keep an eye on multiple locations through our cloud-based management system. Using our app, you can watch video footage, disable a user, or always open a door from any device, meaning you can stay fully connected to your business or home wherever you are.


Pro Security provides intercoms for apartments and housing across Galway. The technology we put in place is always adapted to the needs of your building and allows tenants to enjoy seamless access, whilst also ensuring possible intruders are denied entry. We can use key fobs, intercoms, or even biometrics (fingerprints and/or facial recognition) as part of your access control solution.


Our access control technology is suitable for all kinds of commercial properties, including offices, gyms, retail outlets, bars, restaurants, construction sites, and even remote sites. The solutions we offer allow for both general access and role-based access where specific personnel can access only specific areas. Having our system in place keeps your employees secure, protects assets, and gives you, the business owner, the ability to keep an eye on multiple locations at one time.

Solution Providers Pro Security Work With

We work closely with providers such as ACT for more traditional access control solutions (key codes, key fob, etc.) and Suprema for bio-metric access systems including fingerprint and facial recognition. Speak to us today about your requirements and we will design a system to match your budget and use case.

Whether you want to upgrade an existing access control system in Galway or need to start from scratch, Pro Security is here to provide the service you need. Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.