Protect Your Property in Real Time

We provide a comprehensive CCTV installation service that connects your system to our 24/7 monitoring team. Our cameras immediately pick up the time and specific location of the possible intruder, using our digital IP cameras to acquire more accurate data on potential break ins. Any activity is relayed to our Irish monitoring team, who can assess the risk posed and issue commands to intruders to vacate the area in real time, with emergency services being called when necessary.

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Fewer False Alarms,

More Accuracy

We offer a wide range of high-quality, dependable CCTV solutions that can be monitored on your phone 24 hours a day. Our team carries out a full site survey and recommends the specific system you need, including night-time colour vision cameras, or installs modern replacements for existing analogue CCTV systems at your home or business.



Our monitored alarms can be adapted closely to your needs, which may include sensors on the perimeter of your property or live audio interventions (monitored CCTV), meaning agents can issue immediate warnings to intruders. The technology we supply ensures a fast and comprehensive responsive from our monitoring centre.



Using cloud-based management systems from trusted supplier ACT, our access control system offers a rules mapping engine and smartphone app that enables you to have complete power over your business or home’s access control requirements from the palm of your hand.

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Commercial & Residential Installation

If you would like CCTV installation for your property, we undertake a comprehensive site survey of the building, taking into account the unique features of your home/business to ensure that the system in place accounts for every corner and doesn’t leave any blind spots. We will work closely with you to guarantee that your property receives the right kind of CCTV monitoring solution. Once you are satisfied with the plan and all specifications have been agreed, our team of installers visit your property and complete a full installation on the same day.

To arrange an initial site survey for any of our 24-hour monitored security solutions in Galway, please contact us by phone or email [email protected].