Switch and Save Alarm Monitoring

Our house alarm systems are installed to EN50131 standards, giving you full assurance that all equipment is of peak industry grade and meets environmental classifications. Both self-monitored wired and wireless house alarm systems are available, with camera PIR used to distinguish between false alarms and active threats. All aspects of the system can be managed on our app, allowing you to monitor and control your house alarm system from anywhere in the world.

All Pro Security installers are PSA-registered, PSA licence number 05949. If you are looking for monitored house alarms in Galway for your home or business, get in touch to arrange an initial site survey.

Alarm Kit

  • Alarm Panel & Keypad
  • Camera PIR Motion Sensor (2)
  • Door Contact (1)
  • Key fob (1)
  • External Decoy
  • Mobile App
  • Life Safety 24 Hour Monitored Smoke Alarm


Installation price – €199.00

Additional Device – €65.00

36 Month Contract (user will own system at end of this period, not a rental agreement)

Residential Monthly Cost – €29.99

Commercial – €36.88 (including VAT)

What’s Included?

  • 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring with Garda Response
  • Alarm Verification with PIR Cameras (False Alarm or Not)
  • Panic Alarm Activation Methods, Mobile App, Remote Key fob, Keypad, or an Optional Personal Attack Button
  • Secure Site Verification Password on Alarm Activation
  • Maintenance Calls, Battery Changes, Remote & Phone Support Included
  • Mobile App Arming & Disarming, Notifications on Arm & Disarm of the system
What is a Verified Alarm?

Alarm verification is guaranteed through a camera PIR, which locates someone in your home or business. We also supply secondary detection through a back door and kitchen motion sensor. This device immediately takes pictures of the trigger’s cause and sends the image to our monitoring station, allowing you to quickly distinguish between intruders and false alarms.

Site Password Verification

Our monitoring station will ask you to verify your system by giving a set secure password.

The monitoring station will only contact the Garda if the keyholder can’t be contacted or if a panic alarm is activated. The call will go to the central hub, who will then dispatch a patrol car. If an accident comes in the meantime, the accident will take precedence. Garda response is a last resort option. They will respond to Personal Attack Alarms and Verified Alarm activation.

Additional Alarms from Pro Security

24/7 Monitored Smoke Alarm

Wireless device fully integrated with your house alarm system. Fills a large-sized room with thick non-toxic smoke inside 30 seconds once the system has detected an intruder. Extremely effective deterrent for burglars, given that they can’t take what they can’t see.

CO Detector Alarms

Carbon monoxide, gas and heat detection devices can also be attached to your house alarm. Monitored on a 24/7 basis (even when your alarm is off), the alarm continuously monitors and measures the level of carbon monoxide in the air, sounding an alert when it detects the presence of an odourless, tasteless, colourless gas.

Medical Alarm

Worn around the wrist like a watch or held on a chain around the neck. User can press the black button to send an emergency signal to the monitoring station, who will then contact emergency services. Useful for vulnerable people and those living alone.

Fall Buttons

If the wearer has a fall, they can alert the system through a centralised alarm system. Usually worn as a pendant or wristwatch and ensures immediate response from emergency services.

Panic Button

Connected to your ihouse alarm system and enables wearer to press a button that brings immediate assistance. An alarm can be sent by holding down on the device’s keypad or pressing the red ‘SOS’ button on our app for three seconds.

GPS Location

Designed with dementia patients in mind, this device enables you to track the current location of the wearer. Typically worn as pendants or bracelets but watches are also available. Easily track the GPS precise location of the wearer on your phone at any time.

For more information on our house alarm systems in Galway, feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you might have.

Switching from an old System

Pro Security are delighted to announce we can now take over your old alarm panel system without the need to rewire or replace your existing alarm door contacts or PIRs. Contact us to discuss your existing alarm system today!


Self monitoring €7.00 p/m

24 hour monitoring €29.99 p/m

Install fees apply – please contact us for more information.