Thermal Cameras for COVID-19 Detection

Thermal cameras, when used effectively, can help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Did you know that thermal imaging cameras are great as they provide the most effective and efficient 24/7 monitoring solution on the video surveillance market? Also, note that thermal imaging is an excellent maintenance strategy appropriate for an array of industries and […]
Maintaining Your Access Control System

Taking control of your property means having a robust security system in place. Today, many businesses and residential properties are using access control systems to do just that. Easy and affordable to install, there are various types of access control systems in the market to suit all needs. And although they require very little maintenance, […]
The Right Access Control System for Your Needs

In this day and age, personal and workplace safety is not something that can be compromised. For this reason, various types of access control systems have infiltrated the market, as ways to better monitor and keep tabs on access to your property. This applies to both the office and home. Since access control systems offer […]
Access Control Systems for Home and Business

We’ve all become more conscious of protecting our space, be it at home or work. From parcel deliveries to meetings with clients, its important to ensure a level of due diligence is considered for the welfare of you and your team. One of the best ways to keep an eye on your property is with […]